Sunday, 9 September 2012

Screen Printing Party "Neon Fix 2012"


Recently I saw on Pinterest a post that said

 "Do what you Love"

 And I thought yep...perfect....I can do that.  I love having people over to entertain, I love showing people how to do things, I love inspiring them to do it on their own...and then being inspired back by them.  I love a new challenge of a DIY project.  So what better way to do what I love.... than to host a DIY Party!

Screen printing is a project I have been wanting to try for a long time, but it just seemed too expense to even try.  Then I discovered on Pinterest that it was possible to make your own screens as well as fabric paint.  I gave this a try and it worked really well.

Then I met Eleanor from
at a recent design show.  

I visited her little studio and she helped me design this Melbourne screen.

I love it!!

 I see hints of neon everywhere and it makes me so happy to see something so fresh and different. Who knew these colours could escape the 80’s and actually look modern again?! I think less is more with these bold colours, so you all you need is a little dash here and there. 
The idea's board

  I gave a short demo on the night, and then helped everyone get started.   Because it wasn't a professional class, but a party, everyone was really relaxed and just got stuck into it.  The girls all helped each other out as the night went on which was fantastic!!  We were all inspired by each other and also enjoyed the yummy food and wine that was brought by everyone.

At the end of the night we painted wooden spoons to go along with our
new neon tea towels.

The yellow Chevron pattern was
very popular on the tea towels.

It was really fun to see how creative everyone was and to see all the lovely designs the girls came up with.
 My bathroom became a mini studio for screen printing.

My new tea towels.  Love the Linen and Neon together.

My new wooden cooking fun.

to all the girls who came to my
 1st DIY party!!!

What a fantastic night it was, I can't wait to do it again!

Next Screen Printing Party will be......

Friday the 28th of September
7:30 start

Cost $50 to cover materials
(which includes)
1 x Pure Linen Tea Towel to print
1 x Wooden spoon
1 x Paper print to frame
Use of Fabric Paints and Screens
1 x Fabric piece to make your own screen

*Extra Pure Linen Tea Towels are just $10 each.  They make great teachers gifts etc.


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