Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Budget Beach house Makeover # 1

This Summer I was asked to makeover a Beach House on a serious budget!
As close to $0 as I could get.
 The owners painted the entire place white and the rest was up to me to make it all work.
My furniture budget was $0.  So I had to reuse or source all the furniture.
The place was very '80's with the same era furniture.

The white chair above I found on the side of the road.
 Luckily it was already white and it looks lovely and inviting at the end of the all white hallway.

Most of the little dressers looked like this.

2 coats of white paint and
knobs changed

It still works as the perfect guest storage and side table.

The Antique Victorian furniture had to stay in the Dining Room,
 but in an all white house
 it still looked lovely with
hints of the beach scattered around.

I found this glass and wooden vintage cheese
server at an Opp shop.
It now looks beautiful housing shells
and interesting things found at the beach.

It makes a nice centre piece
 for the round antique table.

This piece of driftwood I cut from a very large branch that washed up on the beach.
Now it makes a perfect key rack in the
all white Kitchen.

Coral and shells are an easy addition.  The bigger the better.

I made a simple piece of Artwork gluing smaller shells to paper
and then writing sayings that made me think of the Beach.
I had seen something similar for sale in Sorrento,
so I just made my own version on a budget

Cost: About $55
I bought 2 of the cushions on sale.
The others I made with scrap fabric.
$18 worth of paint
The white frame they already had
I found a lamp at an Opp shop for $3
and painted the base blue.
Luckily they had a set of white sheets already. ;)
Using 3 colours makes it easier to edit things out.
If it didn't match the theme, it was out or painted to match.
I made these simple little linen and fabric canvases for the kids room.

Another easy thing to do is paint all outdated items white.
This lighthouse was looking very 80's pale pink and blue before I painted it white.


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