Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tea Towels for Sale at Mondocherry's Store

Wouldn't it be nice to own your own shop?
Oh how much fun that would be!

The next best thing is to know a friend who owns one, and a beautiful one at that.

3 Claremont Ave
Malvern, VIC

 I find myself stopping by there a lot lately.
I love all the colours and their beautiful handmade products.
They are just divine, and it is truly an individual and unique store.
They design all their own fabrics, make lovely little things by hand, but also help out other Australian designers.

 Now, I am not a designer, but I do enjoy making things by hand.  Joy asked me to make some linen tea towels up for the shop in similar colours to their displays.  Here are some on display in her amazing little shop!

A bit of Neon and some pastel colours should do the trick.

The black and white Melbourne one was the first to sell.
So fun!

Love the mint green!

A great place to begin your x-mas shopping!!!!


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