Wednesday, 28 November 2012

From one room to Another...

 My Son recently wanted a new desk in his room.  Which meant that we needed to get rid of his white Expedit shelf from Ikea.

 I have wanted shelving around the TV for some time now, so I thought I would take the shelf from his room and the other one from the study and just see how they looked.

 Not bad at all!  And free!

I think I will keep it this way for awhile.

The shelves have a nice homey feel and allow me to display some of my favourite objects.

The next step was to balance out the shelves in the kitchen.  

I took this old 80's shelf and painted it white.

Now, it looks lovely and a bit country in my modern kitchen.
A great place to make a tea or coffee in the morning.

 I am getting some of the Christmas decorations up for this year.
  I love Christmas in the Summer. 
 That is why I took this neon pink star I painted and added it to my door wreath,
 just to change it up a bit this year.
Why not?

Let me know if you have taken furniture from one room and given it a new purpose in another room.
Or if you are wondering just how to go about it, please email me.

Stay cool in this heat!!


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