Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mini Bead Weaving

A creative friend reminded me about the little mini loom she used to make jewellery on.
I was inspired and went home to give it a go myself.
I dug up some beads I had from way way back.

I also found a necklace that I would never wear again and took some pretty turquoise beads from that.

I made a tiny loom from a piece of wood and little nails.

I took some design inspiration from this candle I just bought while in the USA.
I thought the Aztec design was just what I needed.

I beaded each row onto the loom.
Then the difficult part was weaving each and every thread back into the woven piece so it wouldn't come apart.
I must admit that part took forever!

I bought a silver chain from the bead shop and here is the finished product.

I love it!  
Something a bit different and gets lots of compliments when I wear it.
Too fun!

Now to make another....


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