Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jewelry Box Makeover

Sterling Silver,
crystal and wooden beads
 on a neon pink string.

 I am pretty sure most of us have a jewelry box somewhere that needs a major make over.  Some of the items in my jewelry box are very precious and some are just costume, but all of it goes unworn on a daily bases.

I sorted through the items that were special and the ones that I could pull apart.  I also looked for real silver that needed a the one in this photo.

 After a bit of tarnish remover,
 I thought this silver and pearl pendant
 would look nice on another necklace
 I just stung together with bits and pieces I found.

or add some yellow...
Randomness was my objective of the day, 
which worked well since I only had a few of anything to play with.
I even raided the kids bead collection and found some neon yellow and pink wooden beads.

I also found a black pearl I never where
which didn't look that bad either...

I took all the best precious pieces I could find,
 like this round jade bead I was given years ago by my best friend.
 I made it into a special pendant for this necklace I made with other
random beads I found.

These ivory beads were once my Grandmother's!
 Back in the 90's I made this choker style necklace with
them.  Yes...I loved it then, but would never where it now!

Time to restring these with some other special finds......

Can't wait to wear this tomorrow. :-)


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