Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Swing.... and Colour it Fun!

Every morning our family is in a rush to get out the door.
Half of the time I am the only one ready, 
and the other half the kids are the only ones ready.

I thought...
wouldn't it be great if I had a fun swing or something out the front
 to keep them occupied for just a few minutes,
 while I do all the last checks before leaving the house.

My little DIY shed had some pieces of wood I cut to size,
and I found a sturdy Cobalt blue wrapped wire I salvaged from one of our recent renovations.
At the time I really had no idea what I would do with it,
but it came in handy for making this little swing for the kids.

I taped up the wood to leave the edges exposed,
then spray painted it with a fluro pink/orange like colour.

They Love It!!
 I get a few extra minutes in the morning
to double check I haven't forgotten anything.

The funny thing is, as I was making this I thought the colours were a bit odd for a swing, but somehow still worked together and felt modern.

It only took a minute to look around the house
 and see why I was so attracted
 to this beautiful colour combination of bright neons and blues,
 old and new.



An old gift from the

 My work shop

even these real vintage tags on my old suitcases...
have my favourite current colours!!
Go Qantas!!!

And without a doubt....
My favourite magazine's new cover even has this colour combo.
Love it!


I just met Pop and Scott today who run a workshop up in Northcote.

Pop & Scott make the most amazing swings that they sell through their website at Pop and Scott!!


I am pretty sure I saw one of their swings somewhere and that is where I got the idea to make one for the kids.

Their workshop is so cool and casual and worth checking out it you love to make things!

They are also planning on doing classes to make their lovely swings here in Melbourne.


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