Thursday, 10 May 2012

"Baby to Boy" Room Makeover

The room was full of Teddy Bears and toys from when Scott was a baby.

The theme revolved around
 travel and transportation

         The Brief:  
          To take Scott's room
           from a
             BABY's Room
                to a real 
              BOY's Room.

A cluttered dresser top
and Teddy Bear art.
Woody and Buzz had to stay
They are now on the top shelf in the corner.

We installed red shelves to display
some of Scott's lovely toys.

Staging to accent
colours and shapes
can have a really
impressive impact.

I met with Dana weeks prior to brainstorm about
 what art work she wanted
 and what she could make.
We came up with some ideas,
 and she made
 4 of the 5 pieces of art in the above photo.

She also made all the art below.
So simple,
Scott's toy plane is now mounted over a map of where they once visited
and framed in a box frame.
Perfectly matching the traveling theme.

Pinterest was very handy with ideas.
How cute is this?

Dana also made this lovely canvas.
She covered it with fabric,
and used a sticker and made his name
out of the remaining bits.
She had these awesome vintage style crates,
and we needed a shelf solution,
So we attached them to the wall
and created an art collage around them.

Scott is thrilled with his room makeover.


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