Sunday, 20 May 2012

D.I.Y Studio ... for Mother's Day

Well this is pretty much my dream come true.
My new DIY Studio
my family built me for Mother's Day!!

One side if full of wood working tools,

And the other is full of craft supplies.

A slanted clear roof brings in more than enough light for inspiration.

 It is so nice to have everything I could possibly need for
 Art, Craft, DIY, Painting, Woodworking and Sewing
right at my fingertips,
and out of sight!

fabric paints ready for screen printing...

I found this box and it's the perfect shelf
for housing every type of glue. 
We attached everything to the walls, so my work space is always clear.

A new Drill Press to the right,
and a new Mitre Saw is under the bench.
All ready to go.....

Now off to a birthday party.....
It was so much fun being able to whip up this gift.....and not worry about the mess!


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