Friday, 15 June 2012

Flip Flop the Bed $ 0 !!

The bed was right in the entryway.

After !!
Time:   about 2 hours

Cost of materials:    $ 0

We flipped the room around and put the bed on the far wall.
And the storage unit where the bed was.
We added a few toys to the shelves that mixed and matched.

 The room becomes instantly more inviting without the bed blocking the entry.

There were 2 boxes stacked in the corner

*note: the boxes became the new side tables


 After...the entry is now free and clear and the perfect place to play.
The wall decals were still age appropriate,
 so we left them on for now.


 Rourke Loves his new room,
but more importantly the fact that we included his own original painting of...

"Optimus Prime" the Transformer.

I love this painting too Rourke.
And I know how much you love Transformers!!
We just had to include it for you.
Not bad for a 4 year old.
Rourke's Mum made this lovely piece of art from magnets and paper.
I think it is a lovely touch to add something handmade.

Keep the shelves simple but boyish....

Rourke's Mum is very clever and made these 6 framed pieces by
framing fun pages from a vintage dictionary.
Very cute!
Not bad for  nearly 2 hours work and $ 0 dollars.


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