Thursday, 14 June 2012

Working around a design inspiration

Pick something you are drawn to or has special meaning.  
 For this room we chose a vintage Boy Scout tea towel and framed it. 
 We found a few unused items from around the house and painted them a vibrant blue to match the blue in the new art work.
The piggy bank was free from the bank, but it was pink, which Zach didn't like.  
It was his choice to have it painted, which worked perfectly.

We also framed this old t-shirt because it has the same vintage boyish feel.

We made a cushion for the bed from another cool vintage tea towel with similar colours
 The main art work above the bed is a canvas covered with Zach's old baby blanket from Nest.  What a perfect use for something he loved but doesn't use anymore.

 He is now 4 years old, hence the vintage number 4.

 We also framed 2 cute cards he had received for his birthday and added some tiny wooden figures on top of the frames for a bit of playfulness.

 I found these little chairs at an Op shop and recovered them in different retro fabrics that matched the bold colours of the vintage tea towels.

Everything in this little boy's room has special meaning or was something we found that had no current use.   By spray painting some odd unusable items, the room looks co-ordinated with little cost.  And there is nothing in here too precious to play with.

*It can also easily convert to a lovely guest room since we kept a neutral white and grey base.


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