Saturday, 30 June 2012

Better Cheaper Dog Bed

My dog Ricki is notorious for destroying her nice expensive dog beds every 6 months.
 She just scratches them to shreds!
She is also very sneaky and loves to get up on my Son's bed, which is not allowed,
but she is a Beagle and is very disobedient.

So, as an experiment, I let her sleep on a $19 Ikea doona with a cheap cover from an Op shop which I placed in a basket I found on the side of the road.
 To my surprise, when she dug at it, it didn't tear or come apart like her other dog beds because it is not structured.
 It just fluffed up nicely around her.

This is just perfect.  She can fluff and fluff as much as she wants to.

I think she is pretty happy.
And I am happy I didn't spend too much.
It is easily washable as well.  Win Win Win!

Another doona I bought at Ikea for around $19 now lives in the Dog house outside and Ricki is free to arrange it however she likes. 
 The best part is, she can't destroy it.
And I can always wash it!


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