Monday, 30 April 2012

Cleo's Room Makeover Cost: $0

The Brief:     To Make Cleo's Room More Girly and incorporate her lovely things!

Time:  2 Hours

Cost of Materials:  $0


Cleo's Mum and I removed everything from the room.
Then we just shopped for her room makeover by going through the entire house.
I knew we would be able to find some lovely things.

We sorted the books by colour and moved the shelf to the far wall.

Less books
More Girly stuff....

Originally Cleo's Mum had just taped these photos to the wall at random.
I suggested putting this lovely canvas up and hanging photos up around it with pretty fabric pegs.

The photos now stand out so much more.... and along with the words seem even more special!

We found this large white frame in her basement.
Then we used the Owl wall decals to create the artwork.
It now looks like it was meant to be there all along.

The small frame on the mantle we found down in the Kitchen tucked away.
But now it has a new home in Cleo's room in perfect view.

We took down the blue and red crates from on top of the cupboard and replaced them with some lovely boxes and the birdcage.

I think that looks heaps better.

Cleo is going to love her new room!!


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