Monday, 30 April 2012

A "Brief" Repurpose

Briefs too small now.


2 new girly headbands for Kayla

Cost: $0
Yep, that is right.  I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of her favourite pair of 6-12 month size briefs.  They were so cute on her.  But I couln't keep them for Kayla since she is nearly 3, and they were just too big to keep for the Dolls.

1. I simply cut the elastic edges off without cutting through them.
    (I didn't want to sew them back together)

2. Then I ironed out the fabric.

3. Traced circles on the fabric.  As many as would fit and then cut them out.

4. I followed the instructions on the diy fabric flower guide I saw on Pinterest.  Flower tutorial
5. I attached the flower with the glue gun and a bit of felt on the other side.

She now has a lovely little headband that reminds me of when she was a baby.... and she can wear for a long time to come.


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