Monday, 30 April 2012

Harriet's Room Make Over

Time:    3 hours

Cost of Materials:  Less than $15 

This room was about adding personality and arranging all the special things Harriet's mother had bought for her before she was born.
The chair was behind the door so we moved it to be an inviting point in the corner of the room.
We also moved the large dresser to the side of the room 
to help balance the room out.
We made some liberty fabric hoops to put on the wall and added lots of girly touches.
Room Inspiration
one of Harriets pretty little dresses.

We found some lovely tapestry done by Harriet's Grandma.
 Instead of leaving it in the garage, we gave it new life with special significance by framing it in this grey frame we also found in the garage.
 * TIP   I think it is so special to include as much of your loved ones in your home as possible. 
Remember, you don't just have to frame photos of them.


Katie loved this wrapping paper from her baby shower, so she kept it.  I thought it was special so I made Harriet a little box to keep her things in.
This special box looks so sweet on the dresser.


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