Monday, 30 April 2012

Cleo's Room Makeover Cost: $0

The Brief:     To Make Cleo's Room More Girly and incorporate her lovely things!

Time:  2 Hours

Cost of Materials:  $0


Cleo's Mum and I removed everything from the room.
Then we just shopped for her room makeover by going through the entire house.
I knew we would be able to find some lovely things.

We sorted the books by colour and moved the shelf to the far wall.

Less books
More Girly stuff....

Originally Cleo's Mum had just taped these photos to the wall at random.
I suggested putting this lovely canvas up and hanging photos up around it with pretty fabric pegs.

The photos now stand out so much more.... and along with the words seem even more special!

We found this large white frame in her basement.
Then we used the Owl wall decals to create the artwork.
It now looks like it was meant to be there all along.

The small frame on the mantle we found down in the Kitchen tucked away.
But now it has a new home in Cleo's room in perfect view.

We took down the blue and red crates from on top of the cupboard and replaced them with some lovely boxes and the birdcage.

I think that looks heaps better.

Cleo is going to love her new room!!

Refurbished Rocking Chair

Nice one!!!
I bought this rocking chair for my Nursery for $20 from an Opp Shop.  I recovered it with lovely Irish Linen for about $20.
Used it for about 3 years
Just sold this on Ebay for $150!

Ebay cracks me up.  I have never bought anything off it by auction before, because I always get outbid.

However, I have sold about 4 things on Ebay....

and somehow manage to get about 3 to 5 times more for the item than I ever would have expected?????

I don't get it?

Perhaps I need to look into this more.
Chair before I recovered it.

Vintage Medical Box Refurbish


Roadside Find

About a year ago I saw a lovely wooden Medical Box at an Antique shop.  I wanted to buy it, but was not about to pay $150 for it.  So I knew that if I ever found a wooden box in need of some care, I would know exactly what to do.

A little bit of paint, 2 coats and some sanding.....


Cost: $0
(since I always have paint lying around)

Now it is the perfect place for Kayla to keep her Doll's clothes.
She has heaps of knitted Doll's clothes loveingly handmade by her Grandma, which I will blog about later.

Harriet's Room Make Over

Time:    3 hours

Cost of Materials:  Less than $15 

This room was about adding personality and arranging all the special things Harriet's mother had bought for her before she was born.
The chair was behind the door so we moved it to be an inviting point in the corner of the room.
We also moved the large dresser to the side of the room 
to help balance the room out.
We made some liberty fabric hoops to put on the wall and added lots of girly touches.
Room Inspiration
one of Harriets pretty little dresses.

We found some lovely tapestry done by Harriet's Grandma.
 Instead of leaving it in the garage, we gave it new life with special significance by framing it in this grey frame we also found in the garage.
 * TIP   I think it is so special to include as much of your loved ones in your home as possible. 
Remember, you don't just have to frame photos of them.


Katie loved this wrapping paper from her baby shower, so she kept it.  I thought it was special so I made Harriet a little box to keep her things in.
This special box looks so sweet on the dresser.

A "Brief" Repurpose

Briefs too small now.


2 new girly headbands for Kayla

Cost: $0
Yep, that is right.  I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of her favourite pair of 6-12 month size briefs.  They were so cute on her.  But I couln't keep them for Kayla since she is nearly 3, and they were just too big to keep for the Dolls.

1. I simply cut the elastic edges off without cutting through them.
    (I didn't want to sew them back together)

2. Then I ironed out the fabric.

3. Traced circles on the fabric.  As many as would fit and then cut them out.

4. I followed the instructions on the diy fabric flower guide I saw on Pinterest.  Flower tutorial
5. I attached the flower with the glue gun and a bit of felt on the other side.

She now has a lovely little headband that reminds me of when she was a baby.... and she can wear for a long time to come.

Kayla's Room

I found this doll house on the side of the road.
It is one of my all time favourite finds!
I was given the wooden furniture as a gift, but the rest I have found in Opp shops.
I found the cutest little stickers and made them into little wall decals for one of the bedrooms.

I love Opp shops and have a habit
 of collecting beautiful handmade things.
They make a pretty collection for her to play with.

I made the quilts and art work to match.
I will blog more about that later.

I found this petit chair on the side of the road.  
It was covered in about 15 layers of paint.
I took my time with this and painstakingly sanded it all off.
I love how it turned out.

Why not just make what you want?

I have to admit I saw this lovely Pink Heart cushion at one of my favorite stores.
Once I knew how to screen print I couldn't resist trying to make my own.  I am pretty happy
how it turned out.

T-shirt to Artwork

My Son Zach is nearly 5
 and it is time to say goodbye to a lot of his clothes
 that are just too small.

I have been looking for a cute cushion idea for some time,
 and as soon as I saw the back of one of his favourite little t-shirts,
 I knew it could make the perfect boyish throw cushion for his bed.


Cost: $0

New Cushion for Zach's room
My other favourite T-shirt that was too small looks great in this frame.
I used to live in New Jersey so this one had special meaning to me.

Cost: $0

(Had the frame already)

New Artwork for Zach's room.
Old T-shirt that is too small,
but still too cute. 


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