Sunday, 31 July 2016

Kayla's Terrarium Making Birthday Party

My Daughter and I made this Terrarium together and had so much fun making it.
She asked if we could make some with her friends as well, so we came up with the idea to do this for her birthday party.
We made little bunnies and mushrooms for her friends out of Fimo clay.
The table was set up to be interactive.
Once the girls had their moss and plants in, 
they could choose little bits and pieces to add to their terrariums.
We had a Ladybug village,
and a Bunny Town.
Kayla was just as excited to make the food fit the theme, so we chose our party food wisely.
By this stage she was totally in charge of displaying it. ;-)
A bit of Ivy and some twigs set the scene. 
We managed to find most of these items around the house.
Delicate little hands were just what was needed to put it all together.
The girls had a ball and were so excited to take their own terrariums home.
So much fun!! You only turn 7 once!


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