Thursday, 7 November 2013

Yellow Treasure Hunt…Before and After $0

seems to be all over the place
 for summer.  
But this year it seems they are pushing
  bigger ticket items like yellow lamps or this sink below?
I don't want to commit to that!
I love yellow too, 
but instead I went on a
 yellow treasure hunt around my house
 to see what I could find that would satisfy my craving for bright yellow this summer.
Here are some of the things I found
so far….  $0

The majority of the items I found 
were from my Kitchen
and my Study.
 I focused my attention on these two areas
 and added little touches of yellow.

I created a bright and inviting
 Tea and Coffee station
for the corner of my Kitchen.
 Last year I made this chair for my Son's room,
but I used it to inspire
a makeover
for my Study.
Here is my Study

And my Study

I found simple things from around the house,
like these badges I made into magnets,
and a bunch of yellow pens and pencils.

Zach's Chair looks great in the Study now.
 It was not drastic,
but it was free
and can be changed again easily.
 This can be done with any colour for any season.
The best part is it cost me nothing to do!!
I also painted this frame yellow
and added a pineapple print I found online.
This can now go in the Study 
to satisfy my pineapple crush too.


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