Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beach House Backyard Makeover with Road Side Finds

 Its seems to be that cane furniture is making a come back.
I see it everywhere painted in fun colours
 and it even looks great painted white.

 Over the last council throw out
 I started a little collection of
 "Road Side Finds" for the Beach house.

I collected 5 very different pieces in total.
Amazingly none of them needed repair,
just a little bit of white outdoor paint!
Before and After
What a difference a bit of paint can make.

It took some time to paint them all, 
but getting a resort feel for next to nothing,
 made it all worth it.

 My Husband and I built this little table to go over the fire pit.
We made it out of an old bed frame we weren't using.
It is perfect for the space and cost 

 We created a wonderful space
 to entertain friends at the Beach House 
for next to nothing!
Beach House
is now complete.

It is time to sit back and enjoy Summer. 


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