Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mini Bead Weaving

A creative friend reminded me about the little mini loom she used to make jewellery on.
I was inspired and went home to give it a go myself.
I dug up some beads I had from way way back.

I also found a necklace that I would never wear again and took some pretty turquoise beads from that.

I made a tiny loom from a piece of wood and little nails.

I took some design inspiration from this candle I just bought while in the USA.
I thought the Aztec design was just what I needed.

I beaded each row onto the loom.
Then the difficult part was weaving each and every thread back into the woven piece so it wouldn't come apart.
I must admit that part took forever!

I bought a silver chain from the bead shop and here is the finished product.

I love it!  
Something a bit different and gets lots of compliments when I wear it.
Too fun!

Now to make another....

Friday, 11 October 2013

Beach House Summer Spruce Up

Beach House Summer Spruce Up

Tassels are everywhere at the moment.

 I went to my favourite fabric store in Melbourne
 and saw these lovely liberty fabric tassels.

I just had to make my own little version!

 The kids helped me tear up the fabric.
So we bundled it up and headed down to the Beach House

My daughter helped me sort them all out 

We wanted a pop of colour in there
 to match the succulent flowers that are out at the moment.
I love these!
They last in little vases for a really long time 
and are so vibrant and bright.
I picked these ones from our nature strip.

So fresh and fun in an all white room!

The perfect spruce up for this summer.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Andrea's Floor Plan Stump

Lately I have been doing a lot more home styling.
Summer has been showing itself lately and 
I think people are just excited for a change this Summer.

Andrea's House
The Brief:
  To solve the furniture issues in the Living Room
And to add lots more storage!!


The Problem:
 Extra large sofa was facing out the window and made TV watching difficult.
Not enough seating.
Not enough storage.
Line of sight down the Hallway went straight to messy TV cords.
Furniture placement felt awkward.


The Solution:
Flip flop the TV and the dinning table.
Turn the couch sideways and add a small chair and coffee table.
Add 3 small stools under kitchen bench for more seating.
Place a small buffet in the previously unused space for extra kitchen storage.
Create a lovely line of sight to the dinning table from the entry way.
Create a purpose lane way to the outside without walking through a zone.

I think they will be able to really enjoy this space now.


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