Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mini Glass Perfume Vial Vases

Hmm...what to do with left over glass perfume vials?

Find a way to make them stand up.....

A single stem fits just fine in the mini vase.

The trick is getting the right amount of water...

So sweet

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Half dipped pencil holder

My Mother's day DIY shed has a new Drill Press
I admit I am not very experienced with one so I did a bit of practicing
on a bit of scrap wood left over....
and this is what happened.

I couldn't resist half dipping it in Pink so it will look just divine on Kayla's new desk.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oli's Room 40 Min $ 0


Dear Niki, Again Many thanks for coming and styling Oli's room.  He absolutely loves his "new room" and is spending more time in there playing lego.  It has made such a difference having the furniture positioned where it is now.  I LOVE IT!  Your talents are extraordinary...keep up the good work! 

Natalie and Oli, Armadale.

Brief:  To make the new desk work in the room.


Time:  40 Minutes

Cost of Materials:  $ 0

The desk is so much more inviting in the centre of the room.
The lovely baskets from the floor unit were swapped with the books to create a nicer view from the doorway.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Vintage 1950's Park Bench makeover

Vintage 1950's  Cast Iron & Timber Slat Outdoor Garden Park Bench in need of some TLC.


Lots of sanding
and a few coats of paint.
Stunning at the front entry of Kelly's house now.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Making of the D.I.Y Studio

Original Shed above.

We kept the back side which is now
part of the new roof over the Studio.

Let the building begin.
My Hubby and his friend Rob worked all weekend long.

Carpenter Rob came up with the idea
to build the shed out of doors.
Not bad considering each door is only $24.
Great way to repurpose a door.

Zach and Kayla.....

 Busy at work painting the new DIY shed.
Not bad for 4 and 2 years old.

I found a vintage dresser at an Op Shop....
perfect for all my tools and craft stuff.

As much as I liked the green, I thought an all white studio would be nicer.
I used old wooden crates and even a skateboard for shelving. 
Love it!
My DIY Studio

Best Mother's Day gift

D.I.Y Studio ... for Mother's Day

Well this is pretty much my dream come true.
My new DIY Studio
my family built me for Mother's Day!!

One side if full of wood working tools,

And the other is full of craft supplies.

A slanted clear roof brings in more than enough light for inspiration.

 It is so nice to have everything I could possibly need for
 Art, Craft, DIY, Painting, Woodworking and Sewing
right at my fingertips,
and out of sight!

fabric paints ready for screen printing...

I found this box and it's the perfect shelf
for housing every type of glue. 
We attached everything to the walls, so my work space is always clear.

A new Drill Press to the right,
and a new Mitre Saw is under the bench.
All ready to go.....

Now off to a birthday party.....
It was so much fun being able to whip up this gift.....and not worry about the mess!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

"Baby to Boy" Room Makeover

The room was full of Teddy Bears and toys from when Scott was a baby.

The theme revolved around
 travel and transportation

         The Brief:  
          To take Scott's room
           from a
             BABY's Room
                to a real 
              BOY's Room.

A cluttered dresser top
and Teddy Bear art.
Woody and Buzz had to stay
They are now on the top shelf in the corner.

We installed red shelves to display
some of Scott's lovely toys.

Staging to accent
colours and shapes
can have a really
impressive impact.

I met with Dana weeks prior to brainstorm about
 what art work she wanted
 and what she could make.
We came up with some ideas,
 and she made
 4 of the 5 pieces of art in the above photo.

She also made all the art below.
So simple,
Scott's toy plane is now mounted over a map of where they once visited
and framed in a box frame.
Perfectly matching the traveling theme.

Pinterest was very handy with ideas.
How cute is this?

Dana also made this lovely canvas.
She covered it with fabric,
and used a sticker and made his name
out of the remaining bits.
She had these awesome vintage style crates,
and we needed a shelf solution,
So we attached them to the wall
and created an art collage around them.

Scott is thrilled with his room makeover.


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