Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fabulous find to finish off the room...

My clients just moved into their new house about 2 months ago.
  As it goes... with kids around, things just end up where they were first put, and then tend to stay that way.

The Brief:
"Please help us with furniture placement"

Before:  The room was off balanced and needed some direction.

After:  We found a beautiful antique in their garage and it was just what they needed
to complete the room.
Now there is a specific place for their fine dinner ware.
I centred the room off the French doors
 and put the odd ottoman in to act as a coffee table.



The room took only about an hour to rearrange and layout. 
 Most of that time was spent cleaning the Antique China cabinet we found in the garage
 which we brought inside to go along the far wall.

It is a good start for them to elaborate on!

*My tip here would be, if there is ever a beautiful feature of a room,
always try to centre your furniture around it. ;)


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