Thursday, 28 August 2014

Collaborative Art

I had been asked to make a collaborative art work for the school fundraiser.
This year we chose something from the TV show "The Block".
Our interpretation of a piece we had seen on TV.
Some school Mums got together
 and this is what we did....

The paint we had left over 
we used on the larger canvas to make an abstract piece.
This one sold for $750!
  An amazing result for the school!
My daughter actually helped
 finish off the art work.

So, her Kindy asked
 if I could do something similar for their fundraiser too.
Our Inspiration for the 4 year old group
The Finished Piece
I made the kids do every step
 from preparing the boards,
to the final ink blowing stage.

The pieces took a few days to complete.
We layered them with heaps of texture.
Each one is 120cm x 90cm
 on Timber Board

Our inspiration for the 3 year old group

Each child had a turn...
 and this is their final piece.

Our Inspiration for the other 4 year old group

We gave a few instructions,
but really just let them go.
This is the result!

I am looking forward to Auction Night!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Creating a Bead Necklace Stall for the School Fair

Armadale School Fair
 Necklace Stall
Early this year I was asked to come up with ideas for my son's School Fair to raise money.
So with a few weeks to spare, I ran around to my favourite shops for some inspiration.
I knew that wooden beads were on trend, and as 
I didn't have any, I made the above beads with counting blocks.
 Melbourne cafe, Mondocherry necklace and some school supplies
were my design inspiration.
I had this awesome neon cord in my work shed.
So I started to play around with ideas that kids might like, 
and maybe even a Mum or two as well.

My son's school loved the idea.

But then I couldn't find the beads anywhere!!! 
I finally found someone in the USA who shipped them directly to me, 
but they were smaller and more difficult to paint.
So back to the shed to figure out a way the little ones could still enjoy this stall.
were a perfect solution.
Design concept done.
Less is sometimes so much more....
This is the Stall on the day of the Fair.
It looked amazing
and we had some awesome Mum's help run the stall. :)
Just want to say thanks again to them.
The girls loved making the necklaces,
and coming up with their own designs.

Happy Fair Goers!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Rainbow Smoothies" before of after school

It is back to school time and 
there is nothing better than a happy healthy household.
We have been on holiday for a long time 
and it is so good to get back to eating healthy again.

In the morning or for an after school school snack
I always make the kids a 
"Rainbow Smoothie"
in the Vitamix
It has every colour of the rainbow of course.
So it is the perfect way to get some greens in too.
2 x Strawberries  (fresh or frozen)
3 x Cherries (if they are in season)
1 x Banana (fresh or frozen)
1 x Pineapple chunk frozen
1 x Mango chunk frozen
1 x Green ice cube of Kale and Spinach blended up
10 x Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 x Scoop of plain yoghurt 
2 x Cups of Apple cider fresh pressed
The kids LOVE our homemade smoothies.
I love that they are getting a variety of great nutrients
 so I can relax a bit more about having picky eaters.

On hot days I use less Cider and all frozen fruit
to make "Rainbow Slushies"



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