Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Chunky Knit Sweater ...to Cool Cozy Cushion

 I have always wanted to have a cozy wooly cushion cover to bring out during Winter.
I finally found a sweater at an Op shop that would be perfect.  Especially because it had buttons down the front, which meant no zipper needed.  

 I just simply turned the sweater inside out, pinned it and sewed a square the size of my cushion.

The chunky knit pattern was made with Lamb's wool and was so incredibly soft.  It was in a lovely cream colour, which was just what I wanted.

In just a few minutes we had a brand new cozy cushion for Winter.

This is the back of the cushion.  I just inserted the down insert by undoing the buttons.

I hate wasting lovely materials, so why not make a cozy candle holder to match.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Coat Rack with Pretty Knobs

 I have been wanting to make a cute coat rack for quite some time now.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be so easy.  Except I didn't expect that finding cute and cheap knobs would be so difficult.  Well, I finally found some at a Chinese store in South Melbourne.  Heaps of them all hand painted and unique for only $3 each.  So I had to stock up of course.

Now I want to make one for our entry way.  I just need to find
the perfect piece of recycled wood.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Vintage Ice Cream Parlour for Zach's 5th Birthday

 Happy 5th Birthday to my lovely little boy Zach.  
It was his idea to have a Vintage Ice Cream Parlour Party.
So here is a sneak peak at what we did.

I bought a long white board and drilled holes along it to place the topping tags in.
Then the kids helped me paint the blue and white stripes to go with the theme.

I found this awesome website with cute printables for your toppings.

 Stripes and more stripes.... and vintage paper straws!

I found all these Crystal vintage bowls at an Op shop.  They certainly set the scene and were perfect for displaying all the yummy toppings.

 We made the kiddy table by removing the base from our Dining table and placing the top over two little Ikea tables.  It worked perfectly as a temporary party table.

 We made these Oreo Cookie cake pops.
It was my first attempt,
but they were a huge hit and I will certainly go to the effort again.

Happy Zachary
All the toppings the kids could ever want!
Kayla waiting to play "Pin the tale on the Donkey"

To give the goody bags a more vintage feel I collected 
these little glass bottles and filled them with Jelly Belly's.


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