Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fern free pot plants

love them or 
hate them.
They really are an interesting plant. 

I recently visited a home
 with some very sad and lonely pots scattered around the house.

The owners also had ferns overgrowing the fish pond at the front of the house. 
They saw these plants as an absolute weed,
but instead of just throwing them out...

I suggested a compromise.

Why not plant the ferns we pull out of the front yard....
and replant them in the vacant potters around the house?

 It was so simple
and it didn't cost a cent.

$ 0

Now at least, there are a few less ferns in the front
and a few less vacant pots in the back.

If I had these at my house 
I would probably be trying all different florist techniques with my never ending supply of ferns.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Stackable Swarovski Crystal Pendants

I have been wearing some of my old gold chains lately and layering them, 
but I wanted a pendant or two to go on the longer one. 
 I went looking for something only to be disappointed.

Gold and gem stones seem to be everywhere on Pinterest at the moment. 
 So I wanted something with a bit of understated bling.  

I stopped by the Swarovski store for the very first time.  I was impressed with some of their designs but  they didn't have a pendant like I wanted for individual sale.

However, they did inspire me to make my own.

I found these beautifully cut crystals that reminded me more of gems stones. 
They were just what I was looking for.

I wanted to make a pendant that was versatile
so I decided to make my own stackable ones.
I made individual pendants
 in different lengths and colours
that could be easily mixed and matched.

They worked so well together
I just kept making different designs.
As usual I got a little carried away.....

I made some in Sterling Silver

Some with tassels


And a bunch in gold

They are so fun to mix and match.


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