Sunday, 17 March 2013

Terrariums are back

Terrariums are back.....
 and are more expensive than I ever imagined they would be?

I recently walked by the florist at the back of Myer in the City.  The amazing terrariums caught my eye so I went to see how much they were.
$300-$450 each!  
I could buy flowers for a year with that!!!

So I started to search my house for things I could use to make my own.

I managed to make one for only $10!

This was my Easter display last year.
  I bought moss to surround my orchid,
 then I added this cute little Bambi from the kids toy farm.

 I have no idea where the Bambi is now
 since I think the kids reclaimed for their farm, and then lost it again.

 But I still have the moss,
even though it has suffered some serious neglect since last Easter.
I have been advised that it can bounce back with proper care?
So I will give it a go.

Fortunately I remembered I had this huge, glass, hurricane type candle vase.
I also found these lovely grey stones the kids and I collected on a recent camping trip to Cape Paterson.  I used them to fill in space
 since I didn't really want to see the dirt.

 All I needed now was a proper terrarium style plant.

I went to an amazing Florist up on Brunswick street
called Flowers Vasette

They seemed to have everything there,
 so I told them what I was making and they showed my some options.

I chose the vibrant yellow green plant to contrast well with my now...
 brown moss.
The plant cost me 

Now what else can I add????

In my bathroom some magic has been happening.
I always pick branches from my Fica tree in the front yard
and put them in vases of water with fake tulips.
(more about that another time)

But I recently noticed the branches have been growing their own roots.
The same thing happened with some succulents I had in mini vases.

2 more Free plants!

So I decided to plant them in my new
terrarium as an experiment.

So far so good.
It is actually growing in there.
I see some new leaves!!

 I still can't find the little Bambi, which would have looked so cute.

Instead I found these little red mushrooms in my kitchen junk draw.
I have no idea where they came from,
perhaps a cupcake or something?
 I will use them to add a touch of colour and fun to the end result.

So now
 for only $10

I have a lovely new terrarium to enjoy until they go out of fashion again.

 This one looks great in my bathroom

Oh yeah,
the lid didn't come with the vase,
 but the store where I got the vase closed last year
 and they were giving away bits and pieces they couldn't sell.

This lid was part of something else that must have broken, so I took it home hoping I could use it for something....
so glad I did now because it will be easier to keep this terrarium alive with a lid on top.


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