Monday, 21 January 2013

Liberty Fabric Paper Treat Bags

I just made some amazing chocolate chip cookies that I wanted to package up and share with my friends.
 I thought using Liberty Fabrics would be a cute idea.
As beautiful as these fabrics are, they are far too expensive for
wrapping up a few cookies.

Instead, I photo copied a few pieces of fabric I liked with my printer onto regular A4 paper.
I then trimmed the edges.

I folded the paper into the centre and taped it with some cute washi tape.
I then folded and creased to create the bottom of the bag.
I taped up the bottom and puffed them out to create a cute and cheap paper bag.

I also found another way to make paper bags on this site....

These little square bags are a bit more formal 
and take longer to make,
 but are so very cute.

These paper bags are perfect for giving away some of my cookies
 so I don't eat them all!!!

About 4 cookies fit in one bag made from an A4 size piece of paper.

Popcorn anyone?
The options are endless....

All done
 and ready to be filled
 with some yummy


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