Sunday, 8 February 2015

From "White to Bright"

 The Community Manager at Chairish; an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture asked me to come up with some mood boards to celebrate color.  She wrote, "We understand when choosing a color palette for a room, it can be hard to step away from basic neutrals, and going bold is a big decision.
 We'd love for you to share your taste for color by creating a style board around a vintage rug by taking a room from White to Bright!"

As someone who loves to reuse, refurbish and rethink, I was up for the challenge.

The website is so full of amazing one of a kind finds, I was like a kid in a candy store!
As if I could make just one mood board?
So here are a few ways I would take a room from 
"White to Bright" using rugs I found on
When I help people style, I become their second set of eyes. 
I help them discover how to pull together items they already own.

All of the items I used for these mood boards are from the website  
This website is the ultimate treasure trove and it is so easy to use.
Going from "White to Bright" doesn't always mean going crazy with color. I fell in love with this teal dresser on so I added the artwork to make the piece feel like it has a purpose.  The art was bright but sharp, so I used soft circles to oppose the harsh geometrics. 
These colors remind me of the lagoon on Lord Howe Island,
 where I just spent three heavenly weeks.  I am truly inspired by the beauty there.

This mood board is influenced by my love of retro items, as well as Kentia Palms from Lord Howe Island.  It combines the two to create a bright green environment that would make me 
so happy to work in.

These Rainbow Wrasse fish swam circles around my ankles everyday on Lord Howe.
  Their coloring is incredibly bright and this next mood board from "White to Bright" is certainly inspired by them.

I love for big ticket items to be versatile, which allows the use of bright colorful artwork and items without a huge commitment.  This vintage navy blue rug can be used for years to come!  Here, it is just one of the many colors used to tie this bright room together.
Yellow, grey and pink.  This rug brightens up such basic white and brown furniture.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
This mood board feels like watching the sunset over the dessert.

I couldn't help but create a mood board from "White to Bright" that incorporates my favourite 
Australian designers too!
 I found the blue rug on, but the rest of the items are from 
This bedroom mood board sums up this Australian Summer.

Thank you for the Challenge.
What an amazing selection of rugs and hard to find pieces.


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