Wednesday, 28 November 2012

From one room to Another...

 My Son recently wanted a new desk in his room.  Which meant that we needed to get rid of his white Expedit shelf from Ikea.

 I have wanted shelving around the TV for some time now, so I thought I would take the shelf from his room and the other one from the study and just see how they looked.

 Not bad at all!  And free!

I think I will keep it this way for awhile.

The shelves have a nice homey feel and allow me to display some of my favourite objects.

The next step was to balance out the shelves in the kitchen.  

I took this old 80's shelf and painted it white.

Now, it looks lovely and a bit country in my modern kitchen.
A great place to make a tea or coffee in the morning.

 I am getting some of the Christmas decorations up for this year.
  I love Christmas in the Summer. 
 That is why I took this neon pink star I painted and added it to my door wreath,
 just to change it up a bit this year.
Why not?

Let me know if you have taken furniture from one room and given it a new purpose in another room.
Or if you are wondering just how to go about it, please email me.

Stay cool in this heat!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Clay Bead DIY Party

Every colour I could possibly find
Hand Painted Cords

Busy at work drilling beads

We mixed our own colours

The beads look amazing on the hand painted neon cords

Hand painted cords for the beads.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dead Lemon Tree to Perfect Ornament Tree

Our dead lemon tree has been transformed
 into the perfect ornament tree for this
 Christmas in Summer

 I was doing a bit of gardening and thought it was about time I get rid of my dead lemon tree.  As I was wondering how on earth I would dispose of this decent sized tree, I took one look at the branches and thought wait a minute.....

If I paint this white it will look just like the fake branches I nearly bought at Wheel & Barrow.

These little branches are perfect for hanging ornaments.

I shook all the dirt off the roots and found this sturdy metal vase to stuff it in. 

 Then I spray painted the entire tree white.

I made my own little ornaments and painted them neon pink

I also found some old wooden ornaments from last Christmas. 
 I let the kids paint a few of them neon pink.

I painted cotton string in neon to hang up other ornaments.
I love how it adds just an extra touch of colour.

The kids had fun decorating it.
Such a bright and happy tree!

Perfect for
 an Aussie Christmas
 in Summer.


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