Monday, 1 February 2016

Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak table

A friend of mine recently
 saved some timber from a demolition that he thought I might like.
Thank you Rob!!
I do like!
A lot!!!

Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak
roof beams

Ever since I first went into Mark Tuckey's furniture store,
 I have dreamed of making an amazing piece of furniture from reclaimed timber.
 I discovered a new workshop up in Northcote called 

They allow people to use their equipment for a small charge.
Or in my case, 
help me create something amazing
that I could never do on my own.

Scott was lovely to work with,
and he showed me how to do
 every step along the way.

First we had to remove the nails
ok..get my gear on...

Their workshop was so cool.
They have been featured in a few magazines recently
and I can totally see why!!

This room houses their awesome
Scott showed me how it worked
 and even let me have a turn.


How amazing does it look?

Scott cut the mitered edges.

 A practice run...
to see how it will all fit together.

He showed me how to fill in the cracks and nail holes with a black putty.

Scott also showed me how to sand the timber.
This job he then left up to me.
My pleasure!
This timber was unreal.
I seriously could have sanded it all day.
It was smooth as silk
by the time I was done!

To join the pieces seamlessly,
Scott used a biscuit cutter to create theses slots.
Just to be sure...he put 5 on each side.

Tasmanian Oak 
is amazing in its raw state.

We needed lots of glue!!!
Now to put it all together

Pop & Scott
 have all the gear you need to make
 just about anything.
 They are currently expanding to include even more wonderful things.

We used these super large clamps 
to hold it together 
until the glue set. 

Now to wait 24 hrs

And here is the finished piece.
Well, almost....
I couldn't bare to varnish this amazing timber,
so for now it is unsealed
until I figure out a way to wax it and keep that natural colour.

My very own
hand made
 Mark Tuckey style table,
for a fraction of a fraction of the price.

I can't wait to go back!


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