Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Creating a Bead Necklace Stall for the School Fair

Armadale School Fair
 Necklace Stall
Early this year I was asked to come up with ideas for my son's School Fair to raise money.
So with a few weeks to spare, I ran around to my favourite shops for some inspiration.
I knew that wooden beads were on trend, and as 
I didn't have any, I made the above beads with counting blocks.
 Melbourne cafe, Mondocherry necklace and some school supplies
were my design inspiration.
I had this awesome neon cord in my work shed.
So I started to play around with ideas that kids might like, 
and maybe even a Mum or two as well.

My son's school loved the idea.

But then I couldn't find the beads anywhere!!! 
I finally found someone in the USA who shipped them directly to me, 
but they were smaller and more difficult to paint.
So back to the shed to figure out a way the little ones could still enjoy this stall.
were a perfect solution.
Design concept done.
Less is sometimes so much more....
This is the Stall on the day of the Fair.
It looked amazing
and we had some awesome Mum's help run the stall. :)
Just want to say thanks again to them.
The girls loved making the necklaces,
and coming up with their own designs.

Happy Fair Goers!


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