Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Long Lasting Greenery

I love keeping my old Santa Vittoria Fruit Nectar bottles.

Sometimes I  wrap a piece of wire around the top
to create an interesting &
 hangable bud vase.

as much as I love Flowers,
the cost can really add up when they need to be replaced every week.

My solution,
so as I always have something lovely in a vase,
is to pick out interesting plants from my neighbourhood.

This little plant above I found outside Zach's Kindergarten.
I picked a few of the buds
and they have lasted about 6 weeks
 and are still going strong!!


When I visit a florist and they have really nice Philodendron leaves,
I won't pass them up.
 The ones below are called Window Leaves.

They have been in those vases for
 2 Months now!!!!

I am quite impressed how long they are lasting!


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