Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Painting Art & Screen Printing Party

 This Painting and Printing Party was an experiment, however I must say I am very impressed with how it turned out.  We had a lovely time, and accomplished some art to be proud of with a story to tell.

As a starting point for the large canvasses I made two mood boards. One featured current pastels and the other focused on Fall and Winter colours for 2013. 

Whilst the paintings were collaborations from everyone present, there were two art works in particular that became our main inspiration:
one by Jen Ramos and another by Ali McNabney-Stevens.

Mood Board for one of the paintings
2013 Colours

In addition to the paintings, we made some beautiful prints as well. 

Tahli of Tahli Shepherd Design created two designs
 for a screen that I had professionally made for the night.

There was lots to do....
so while some were working on the paintings, 
others got started on their screen printing.

 To stick to the mood boards 
I mixed up a pastel coral colour.
It looked lovely on the linen tea towels. 

The mood boards ended up being a bigger influence than I originally thought, however it all seemed to come together just fine.

 I love to get influence from anywhere that makes me take a second look,
like this shop window around the corner from my house.
It is a lovely mix of colours and a great example of what I was thinking of.

A culmination of 11 efforts from the night.

"Pastel Influenced"

(size 150 x 75 cm)

"2013 Colour"

(Size 120 x 90 cm)

The tea towel print was a big hit too.
Perhaps some early Mother's Day gifts.


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