Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Homemade Doily Cushion

Homemade doily cushion

For a while now I have been admiring these
 lovely screen printed doily cushions
 at the shop around the corner.

They are so fun and bright and made by Lumiere Art & Co
I love their stuff,
 but I can't go buying everything I see and like.
So as usual...
 I wanted to make my own version
 as a cheap alternative to brighten up a chair I have in mind.

 I have a collection of doilies that I find at Opp shops for around $1 each.
So I selected the finest one I had.
Then I mixed up a bit of blue dye left over from another project.
The doily soaked up the dye perfectly and the colour turned out better than I had thought.

I made a cushion cover out of white linen I already had.
Then I stitched the doily carefully around the edge.

Oh my gosh..
It turned out so well.
I think I like mine better than the one I wanted to buy.
I love that there is real texture to it and it looks so delicate.

I know I blog about cushions a bit, 
but they are the easiest and cheapest way to create
a new look or feel in your home.
So there...
a current look 
and room update for 

$ 0

All made with things I already had.


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